Gluten-Free Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted Chick Peas

Most all of us like to snack from time to time (or all the time). Problem is, much of what we eat between meals tends to have no nutritional value at all, but it has tons of fat, salt or sugar.

If you’re prone to reaching for chips, crackers or other high-calorie, low-benefit salty snacks, try these Roasted Chickpeas. They’ve got the crunch and nuttiness of a peanut, while also having the texture and similar flavor to a sunflower seed. You can season them in various ways, or you can keep them plain for a more natural flavor and no-salt version.

The best part is, you get the perception of a crunchy, fried snack food without much of the negative result of something like a bag of chips. And they’re gluten free!

Roasted Chickpeas


1 can chickpeas (also called garbanzo beans)

2 Tablespoons olive oil

garlic salt, optional, to taste

cayenne pepper, optional, to taste


1. The most important step is to drain your chickpeas. Start by removing the water with a colander. Then take a kitchen towel or paper towel(s) and pat the peas dry. You want to remove all the moisture possible to help them develop a crunch in the oven.

2. Toss the chickpeas with the olive oil in a medium bowl. Add garlic salt or just regular salt, if desired.

3. Bake the chickpeas in a pan in a 350-degree oven for about 50 minutes. Your baking time will vary depending on the oven.  Be sure to watch the peas after they’ve been cooking for a while to ensure they don’t brown too much or burn.

4. Remove the peas and return them to a medium bowl, but not the olive oil bowl if you haven’t washed and dried it. Season with cayenne pepper or another spice and toss before serving.

5. Store in a cool, dry place (but not the fridge) in an enclosed container to maintain freshness and crunch for several days.

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