Mac & Cheese Waffles

Mac & Cheese Waffles

The best Southern macaroni and cheese dishes are baked in the oven, not simply mixed on the stovetop.

What’s even better?

Turn your macaroni and cheese into a crispy outside, gooey inside treat that you can cut into squares and hold in your hand.

This recipe is completely adaptable, as long as you add just enough moisture with the milk to keep it creamy but not too much to make it runny in the waffle iron.

When you’re done, you should have a portable delicacy that will make your home feel a little bit like your own personal food truck. Enjoy!


Mac & Cheese Waffles

What You Need:

1 cup macaroni, cooked

1 ½ cups cheese (your choice)

¼ cup milk

1 tablespoon butter, melted

salt and pepper to taste

What You Do:

1. Boil macaroni until tender, drain then return to pot.

2. Mix in melted butter, cheese, salt and pepper. Add just enough milk to add a slight creaminess. Too much liquid will make your macaroni more of a mess in the waffle iron.

3. Spray your waffle iron right before you pour in your macaroni and cheese.

4. Spoon your macaroni and cheese onto your waffle iron and spread evening across.

5. Cook the macaroni and cheese until it forms together and creates a crispy cheese crust on the outside. It may take you a time or two to learn how long to make the waffle until its held together. For me, it took about 8-10 minutes so that I could pull out the whole waffle with a fork under the edges. That meant I needed to cook the waffle well past the normal time when the light comes on signaling done.

This recipe yields one whole waffle. If you want additional waffles, multiply the macaroni and cheese ingredients to make the number of waffles you want.


  1. Hi Matthew! I (attempted to!) make these tonight! They tasted amazing, but definitely didn’t stick together in the middle, any suggestions as to why this would have happened? They certainly were not as put together as yours! Thank you!

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