Foodie Travels: Blue Ridge Biscuit Company, Black Mountain, N.C.

Blue Ridge Biscuit 1

The biscuits at Blue Ridge Biscuit Company are huge. They’re knife-and-fork-required huge.

Check out the food photos on the restaurant’s Facebook page. Can you resist liking what you see and going to order breakfast? We couldn’t.

We don’t eat breakfast outside the house that often, and when we do we tend to like a little something special. A plate of eggs, bacon, grits—after all, we are in the American South—and toast is something we can easily whip up at home. If we’re going to drive somewhere, even just up the road, to purchase breakfast at a sit-down restaurant, we usually need a reason it’s extra good. Or we at least need promise that it might be exceptional.

My wife Molly only needed one bite of the biscuit pictured above to tell me how exceptional it was. On the menu it’s called the Smoky Mountain Brook, and it’s a menu item that bursts with flavor in every sense. Start with one of those huge biscuits, sturdy and buttery, and then top it with a creamy smoked trout spread, a perfectly-cooked poached egg, crisp red onion and fresh arugula. Finish it off with a caper dill cream cheese sauce. All of that on one biscuit, folks! Grab the fork.

Blue Ridge Biscuit 2

I went with something a bit more conventional in a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit. But at Blue Ridge even the conventional is exceptional. The huge biscuit was fresh and buttery, crispy outside and soft and flaky inside. The egg was perfectly cooked. The bacon was plentiful and salty, and the cheese helped melt it all together.

We shared a hearty plate of breakfast potatoes and a nice, refillable iced coffee, and that was our meal. (Oh, we did pinch off a few pieces of the corners of each of our biscuits to dip in samples from the jams and jellies bar just inside the front door. Don’t miss that!) The amazing thing is that our food was both simple and over-the-top at the same time, a combination we can honestly say we don’t find often.

Blue Ridge Biscuit 4

Blue Ridge Biscuit also offers an array of sweet pastries and other breakfast items, but we like to take the obvious route on our first visit to a restaurant. This is a biscuit place by name, so we wanted to sample those huge biscuits we saw on Facebook. We were pleased, and we expect you will be, too!

Blue Ridge Biscuit Company, 601 West State Street, Black Mountain, N.C.

#FoodieScore Travels Pro Tip: While there are many standalone restaurants in the downtown area of beautiful Black Mountain, Blue Ridge Biscuit Company is located in a strip mall just outside the main part of town. There is a large parking lot, but you can expect both the lot and the inside of the restaurant to be full if you dine during normal breakfast hours.


  1. Hi Matthew and Molly,
    Thank you so much for your kind words regarding your visit to Blue Ridge Biscuit Company. We are so glad you enjoyed your Smoky Mountain Brook and Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit! We love our town, our food and our customers so it’s always nice when that love shines out into the dining room.
    We look forward to seeing you all again!
    BRBC crew

    Liked by 1 person

    • BRBC, we look forward to coming back! Everything about our experience was great! Molly looked at me after I took a few bites and said: Is this a #FoodieScore? I said, “Oh, yeah! Definitely!” We are proud to share your great food with everyone who visits #FoodieScore. 🙂


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