Foodie Travels: French Fryz, Skyland, N.C.

French Fryz bleu cheese burger

We always love when our #FoodieScore readers recommend a unique restaurant where we can get a great cheeseburger!

#FoodieScore Facebook fan Lynn Wilson Reed recently told us about French Fryz, a local spot near Asheville, N.C., where she likes the old-fashioned burger with chili, slaw and mustard. “So good!” she posted on our page.

French Fryz hadn’t even been on our radar prior to Lynn’s suggestion, and that’s crazy considering it’s just around the corner from Baked Pie Company, a dessert shop we love, and one branch of what’s quite possibly our favorite taco shop, White Duck Taco!

French Fryz

After we checked out the French Fryz menu online, it became a place we couldn’t get out of our heads to try. Barely more than a month after Lynn recommended the burger spot, we walked in the door for lunch on a Saturday.

This is a simple diner-style restaurant where you order at the counter and sit down to await the calling of your number. You fill your own drinks and service your table yourselves. So, it fits the category we so often find we like visiting: local shop, no frills and delicious food.

Lynn wasn’t off in her suggestion we get a burger here. Molly ordered a bleu cheese burger with melty cheese and sautéed onions. She said it just might be the best bleu cheese burger she’s eaten. I opted for a basic cheeseburger with slaw and tomato. Everything about the burgers was fresh and delicious. The burgers were handpattied, of good size, meaty but not too thick, well-cooked, generously cheesed and served atop soft buns.

French Fryz fries

The restaurant’s namesake fries were crispy on the outside and potato-y on the inside—French fries worthy of carrying the name of an entire eatery. They were clearly handcut and fried fresh in the back. We can taste a frozen fry when we eat one, and these were not frozen unless we were expertly fooled. For about $3, you can get a fry and other side combo. We coupled fries with tater tots, and the tots were also hot and crispy. (#FoodieScore Pro Tip: If you like the kind of malt vinegar you often find at county and state fairs for topping French fries, French Fryz offers a similar vinegar option!)

One other added perk about French Fryz that Molly enjoyed was a flavor-shot option on the soda machine. She added a shot of vanilla to her root beer, giving it an extra boost she raved about.

French Fryz is a nice, casual and relaxed dining spot with very good burgers and fries. (They also serve milkshakes if you’ve got the room in your stomach!) It’s the kind of no-frills place we love, and we’ll absolutely be back for another meal!

French Fryz burger

Burger Suggestions? Do you have a cheeseburger you love that we haven’t yet tried? Comment on this post, tell us on Facebook or Twitter, or e-mail us your recommendation!

French Fryz, 2109 Hendersonville Road, Skyland, N.C.

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