Crisp & Cool Vegetable Pizza

Veggie Pizza

My wife Molly introduced me to this recipe for vegetable pizza, and at first it was a tough sell for me. I’m not a huge fan of cream cheese, and I’m not the kind of guy who likes a lot of ranch taste.

So it’s a bit uncharacteristic that I LOVE this pizza more every time we make it! There’s just something about the breadiness of the crust, the flavor of the ranch seasoning and the crispness of the raw vegetables on top that works and works so well.

We suggest this recipe for families with members who don’t like vegetables. The creamy ranch spread on the crescent roll crust sure helps temper the feeling that you’re even eating good-for-you veggies.

This is a great recipe any time, but it’s especially good when you have the freshest spring and summer vegetables like those you might pick up at your local farmer’s market.

Just don’t limit yourself! After you put together the crust and the ranch spread, you can top this pizza with anything you and your family love!


Vegetable Pizza

What You Need:

1 can of refrigerated crescent rolls

1 eight-ounce pack of cream cheese

1 pack of ranch seasoning mix

½ large head of broccoli crowns

1 small onion

12 baby carrots, sliced into thin sticks

(That’s our basic go-to list. You can add any veggies you like!)


What You Do:

1. Spread out your crescent rolls on a pizza pan or baking pan, and form into a crust. You can make it square, rectangular or circular.

2. Bake the rolls crust for about 8 minutes at 375 degrees, then allow to cool for at least 10-15 minutes.

3. Soften cream cheese for a few minutes in the microwave, then mix in a packet of ranch seasoning.

4. Spread ranch-cheese mixture over the crescent crust.

5. Cut vegetables and arrange atop the crust.

6. Cut pizza into slices or pieces as you like, and serve at room temperature. You can also chill the pizza and serve if you like.

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