A New Home for #FoodieScore

Almost five years ago, we purchased a Kings Mountain, N.C., magnet at a local pottery show because Molly has long been fond of the community. We didn’t know then that we’d one day buy a house and move to Kings Mountain. But here we are in 2020.

My wife Molly and I started #FoodieScore the month after we got married in 2015 in our little apartment in western North Carolina. It began simply as a way to organize our recipes and new cooking adventures in our kitchen. Over the past five years this blog has turned into so much more, as we’ve dined and blogged about restaurants across the southern United States while also expanding our horizons at home.

You have followed us through all of these experiences, both surprising and delighting us by reading about our love of food and starting conversations about what you like to eat. And to be honest, those of you who read our posts regularly have started to influence and shape #FoodieScore through your recommendations of what we should cook and where we should eat. We can’t thank you enough for your interest and your support, which we’ve felt in so many ways here at FoodieScore.Blog and across our social media channels.

So it’s with great joy that we share with you that our own physical home and kitchen have moved from our little two-story apartment into our first house halfway across our home county of Cleveland in western North Carolina. Now, in the historic and happening small-town City of Kings Mountain, we have a kitchen that’s truly our own. And we have a community full of great locally-owned restaurants, many of which we’ve experienced before but haven’t yet shared with the #FoodieScore family.

There’s been a little gap in time since we last shared a new post here. As you might know, buying a house, preparing to move, packing up your life and transferring to a new home takes much time, money and energy. Other than that time away from this blog we love so much to move into our new home, nothing about #FoodieScore will change. As long as we’re blessed with delicious food and a passion for sharing it with others who feel the same, we’re going to continue telling you about the recipes and restaurants we love.

In fact, we’ve already been adding to our unofficial “places we must eat” list in the days since moving into our house. One of our neighbors, a life-long Kings Mountain resident, has been recommending places to get the best cheeseburgers, breakfasts and homestyle plates in this community. Being able to talk about food with new friends makes us feel truly at home in our new space.

So, again, thank you from the bottoms of our stomachs and hearts for joining us throughout this continuing adventure. We can’t wait to share with you what’s cooking in our new kitchen and in the many incredible restaurants near our new home and throughout the South. Eat well, treat yourself and others well, and live well!

Matthew & Molly Tessnear, #FoodieScore Bloggers


  1. I lived in Kings Mountain briefly (1988-1989), after coming back to N.C..had moved to Texas in 1982..but N.C. called me back. I have fond memories of this wonderful town. It has grown considerably since then. I don’t get there as often as I would like to. Have dear friends still residing there. Welcome to KM -:) Looking forward to future posts and updates from your new home -:) **I am in Belmont now) and have been since 1995.**

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    • That is awesome! I’ve now lived in Cleveland County for a collective total of 12 years after spending my first 18 years in northeastern Gaston County. In between, I also lived in Craven County (New Bern) out east for 4 years and in Catawba County (Newton) for about a year. I’m a North Carolinian through and through! And so is Molly, who’s always lived in Cleveland and Gaston counties. πŸ™‚


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