10 Fun Recipes for Your Watch Party

In our house, watching a major event like the Super Bowl, the Academy Awards or a season premiere of a favorite television show means we’re also eating some of our favorite homemade foods.

COVID has made it difficult for everyone to safely host traditional watch parties for enjoying big events with crowds of family members and friends, but it’s still possible to celebrate exciting occasions with small parties with those who live in your home. My wife Molly and I usually mark events like Super Bowl Sunday in our home anyways, just the two of us, with some of our favorite recipes.

Many people order or make pizza, wings, chips and dips, and other traditional favorites for football and other watch parties. Here are 10 of our favorite homemade treats that offer something a little more unique for snacking on while enjoying the big game or show. (Click the titles of each dish for links to our recipe!)

Texas Pete & Ranch Chicken Dip: Most people make Buffalo Chicken Dip. I’m not a big fan of the taste of Buffalo sauce, but I love the flavor of Texas Pete. The popular hot sauce is also made in our home state of North Carolina.

Walking Tacos: We believe in Tacos Every Day, not just on Tuesdays. This method makes it easy to enjoy all your favorite taco flavors with less mess.

Vegetable Pizza: This is one of our favorite fun ways to incorporate a few veggies into our party while still enjoying something that feels like a treat.

Slow Cooker Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches: Many people do cold party subs for sports gatherings. These cheesesteaks offer a warmer, heartier option for party sandwiches.

Billionaire’s Bacon: Bacon always fits in. This dish from Snoop Dogg himself masterfully adds savory and sweet to your menu.

Savory Italian Monkey Bread: These pack all the flavors of pizza in a treat you can pull apart with your hands or enjoy with a fork.

Homemade Pizza with Easy Two-Ingredient Crust: The crust is easy. All you have to do is choose your toppings.

Chicken Boats: Pigs in a Blanket are a favorite finger food for parties. These trade the hot dogs out for a flavorful chicken mixture to spice up your menu.

Juicy Oven Burger Sliders: What’s a party without a cheeseburger? These sliders will up your burger game, and since they’re individually baked in their own tin foil packet, they’re easy to serve and easy to clean-up!

Skillet S’mores Dip: Look no further if you want a dessert that varies from the typical cookies, brownies and cakes of most potlucks. This is one kids of all ages in your family will love.

What are your favorite dishes to eat while watching big events? We’re always looking for new recipes to try! Comment on this post or share on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

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