Foodie Travels: 238 Cherokee Grill, Kings Mountain, N.C.

Every small town needs a “nice” restaurant to give community members a place to go for a meal to celebrate life’s great moments. Food is a huge part of our lives, especially in the South, where it’s a medium for marking our highest achievements and a comfort for getting us through tough times.

We live in the small town of Kings Mountain in western North Carolina. It’s a place best known for a nearby Revolutionary War battle (won by the colonists over the British) and the associated National Park Service battleground.

There are many great places to eat in our town, and several new “nice” restaurants have opened recently. But the first place we think of when we want a place to enjoy an extra-special meal is the 238 Cherokee Grill, named for its former location on Cherokee Street in downtown Kings Mountain.

Known locally by many as simply Cherokee Grill, this is the place to go to have a steak, a cocktail or a multi-course meal that includes those and more. Cherokee has a fairly comprehensive menu and serves everything in a space that offers a steakhouse feel.

My wife Molly and I enjoyed visiting the restaurant well before we moved into town and were living in another part of the county. We liked the place so much it made our final-two shortlist for restaurants to host our rehearsal dinner the night before our wedding in 2015. That choice was almost a toss-up, and we must point out that Cherokee Grill has outlasted the restaurant we finally chose (which we selected mostly because of its location closer to our wedding venue).

Cherokee Grill is a great place to get a burger, which is one of my go-to choices at restaurants. As of 2021, the restaurant even has a build-your-own burger option on the menu. The ingredient choices are many, and the accompanying sides are solid.

As previously mentioned it’s also a great place in town to get a steak. There actually aren’t that many steak-serving spots in Kings Mountain, and Cherokee fills that need well. (Molly loves a filet from time to time!)

You can also get a variety of pastas, salads, fish entrees, appetizers, desserts and more. (We love the Southwest Chicken Egg Rolls app!) And there’s a full bar at Cherokee with plenty of beers, spirits and cocktail specials to help you accent your food.

This #FoodieScore blog is all about celebrating local food, both through exceptional homemade recipes and fantastic restaurants that are one of a kind. When it comes to eateries we most commonly highlight the most affordable spots with simple menu items that just taste great. But as we said: Every town needs a nice place, and Cherokee Grill is that place for Kings Mountain.

If you’re in town, consider Cherokee Grill for your special occasion or just to enjoy some great food. If you need a place to “walk off” your meal, Patriots Park is right beside the restaurant. The Gateway Trail is also a short way down Battleground Avenue. And there are many shops nearby, including Uncommon Artisan and many local wares, if you feel like continuing to support local businesses.

238 Cherokee Grill, 222 South Railroad Avenue, Kings Mountain, N.C.

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