Cheese-Crusted Baked Salmon Filets

Salmon is likely one of the healthiest main courses you can serve in meals. It’s low in calories and high in good fats and other nutrients.

We cook salmon and serve it several different ways. Sometimes we season it, saute it in soy sauce, slice it and serve it atop rice. Other times we season it, bake it, shred it and eat it atop homemade tortillas as unique fish tacos.

Perhaps our favorite way to eat salmon is this Cheese-Crusted Baked Salmon Filets recipe. It’s not the healthiest way to eat salmon (as the ingredients list includes cheese, mayonnaise and crackers), but it’s a tasty dish and offers an option for jazzing up fish for those family members and friends who don’t usually enjoy salmon.

I had never eaten salmon quite this way until my wife Molly introduced it to me soon after we got married. It’s one of her favorite dinners, served with a side or two like mashed potatoes and green peas. (You can really pair most of your favorite sides with this recipe.) And it’s become one of my favorite fish dishes, too.

As with all of our recipes, adjust the ingredients to meet your taste preferences. It’s better to change the recipe and love it than make the recipe exactly as written and dislike it because you don’t like an ingredient! Just have fun with it and enjoy!

Cheese-Crusted Baked Salmon Filets

What You Need (per serving, multiply for additional servings):

1 salmon filet (fresh, frozen, your choice)

5 crackers, crushed (I love whole wheat butter crackers or soda crackers.)

1/4 cup shredded cheese (your choice)

2 tablespoons mayo (We suggest Duke’s.)

black pepper, other seasonings to taste

What You Do:

1.Thoroughly combine mayo, cheese, seasonings and crushed crackers in a mixing bowl.

2. Spread topping evenly over salmon filet(s).

3. Bake salmon filet(s) according to directions with your fish. We bake ours at 375 degrees for about 12 minutes.

#FoodieScore Pro Tip: We place a piece of heavy-duty aluminum foil atop our baking sheet. We coat the foil with a cooking spray. This helps keep the salmon from sticking, and it leads to easy pan cleanup!

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