Doritos Burgers

Our version of the Doritos Burger served with American cheese and Duke’s mayo on a homemade sandwich bun, with a side of our homemade baked French fries

TikTok has a negative image among many users and non-users. Sure, there are plenty of risque and offensive videos on the app. Yes, the app’s origins are in China, and many on the political right immediately scoff at that fact. However, there are so many good, encouraging videos on TikTok, too.

A delightful Iowa resident named Craig, who clearly loves to eat as much as I do, sometimes posts cooking videos, among his many other adventures. One of his cooking videos featured a simple Doritos burger that requires just three ingredients for the patties.

I was immediately intrigued, and I decided to make the burgers soon afterward. The result? What amazing flavor the Doritos give to the beef patties!

Top these things with some melted cheese and savor! Thank you so much for your creative recipe, Craig!

Doritos Burgers

What You Need:

1 egg

1 pound ground beef

1 cup crushed Doritos (or other nacho cheese chips)

*cheese, buns and condiments of your choice

What You Do:

1. Combine 1 whisked egg, 1 pound of ground beef and 1 cup of crushed Doritos chips in a mixing bowl.

2. Form mixture into patties. You can make 2 half-pound burgers or 4 quarter-pound burgers.

3. Cook about 5 minutes on both sides of burgers in a stovetop pan, or bake in the oven at 400 degrees for about 15-20 minutes (depending on your preference for doneness).

4. Serve atop buns with American cheese and condiments of your choice!


  1. What a unique twist on an American favorite food. Recently had to give up carbs and sweets, but will certainly incorporate this scrumptious burger into my new menu plan. Thanks for sharing..

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