Market at Main, Lynchburg, Va.

Market at Main operates in a couple of historic buildings in downtown Lynchburg, Virginia, and the restaurant’s setting isn’t the only thing that’s historic, in our foodie opinion.

The breakfast, served all day, is historically delicious.

We’ve eaten a lot of breakfasts while traveling and, though many day-starting meals have been satisfying, few have been as eye-popping and memorable to our tastebuds as what Market at Main serves.

For starters, we tried the restaurant’s Jefferson Street Cinnamon Roll. The warm, sweet roll with a dose of cinnamon spice and a slather of still-melting icing was a delight for us to share.

The only down side of Market at Main is actually the menu…because so many things sound delicious that it made it tough for us to choose our dishes!

I opted for the Flight of Pancakes, a plate of one buttermilk pancake, one sweet potato pancake and one corn cake, all hot with fresh butter and sweet syrup. My wife Molly asked which cake was my favorite, and I really couldn’t choose. Each one offers a different flavor and texture, so wonderful I couldn’t decide which pancake would provide what we know as a “best last bite,” the taste we choose to end a meal.

I went for a side of country ham as my protein. After all, this is Virginia! The ham was salty, juicy and the perfect accompaniment to the trio of sweet pancakes.

Molly selected the Eggs Rebecca, a couple of poached eggs with fried green tomatoes and homemade hollandaise sauce atop the halves of an English muffin. What delicious flavor! The tomatoes provided a fresh taste, and the hollandaise was so creamy and smooth it almost blended seamlessly with the egg.

In addition to numerous other breakfast delights, including several other benedict variations and the Southern classic Chicken & Waffles, Market at Main offers a number of salads, sandwiches and a fleet of various burgers. If we lived closer, we’d absolutely return soon for more of a lunch- or dinner-style meal.

But the breakfast is where we’d suggest anyone start at Market at Main. There’s nothing wrong with a good, simple plate of eggs, bacon and a biscuit. You can also get a basic breakfast like that at the restaurant. But Market at Main takes it much further with its creativity. It’s downright delicious. It’s historically good. It’s a #FoodieScore, and that means we recommend you visit when you’re in Lynchburg.

Market at Main, 904 Main Street, Lynchburg, Virginia

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