Foodie Travels: Taco Boy, Folly Beach, S.C.

You know those restaurants that have a vibe that makes you feel like you’re somewhere you’re not? Taco Boy in Folly Beach, S.C., is one of those places.

The shop sits near the main intersection in the heart of Folly Beach, about 10 miles from downtown Charleston. But by the looks of it you’re entering a tropical locale somewhere in the Caribbean, Mexico or the South Pacific.

And the food. Goodness gracious the food hits the spot.

Once you walk up the stairs to the elevated open-air bar, outdoor seating or inside section, you gaze upon a lengthy menu of numerous appetizers, seven kinds of specialty burritos, 17 specialty tacos, various festive sides and a drink menu that all make it tough to choose what you can afford to pay for!

We went for tacos on our visit, selecting Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Tempura Avocado, Tempura Shrimp and Carne Asada. Molly ordered the $14 taco plate with two tacos, rice and beans. I ate two tacos and opted for street corn as a side for a dollar extra.

All of the tacos were fresh, full of flavor and filling, but I want to talk specifically about the street corn. I love a good street corn, on the cob or off.

This may be the best street corn I’ve had, considering I haven’t been to Mexico itself. The corn was tender, and the sauce and cheese on it were a divine combination, a real religious food experience. Somehow it was also the perfect temperature. I’ve had street corn that was so hot the coating didn’t quite taste right, if that makes sense. I’ve also eaten it when it was just plain cold. This hit just right.

The Folly Beach location is Taco Boy’s flagship shop, but it also operates spots in downtown Charleston, nearby Summerville and in Asheville, North Carolina.

If you’re headed to the six-mile-long beach at Folly, this is a great spot to get something to eat and maintain the tropical/beach feel without anything really touristy. (And there’s plenty of touristy stuff around if that’s what you want.) We parked at one of the pay-by-phone beach access points just down the road and walked around the beach and town, and we came out a little cheaper for the time we spent than if we’d paid to park in some of the $10 lots we saw right by the restaurant.

We love a taco shop with creative options, and Taco Boy’s menu hooked us when we were looking at beach options during our trip to Charleston. Food plays a big role in our travel, and this eatery’s offerings helped us decide which beach to visit and explore when in the region.

Taco Boy’s vibe really does transport you to a place with a different feel altogether. I mean, heading to the coast is great in itself, but isn’t being swept off to a place that seems a world away from home what a vacation is all about? That’s just what Taco Boy did for us and exactly what we expect it can do for you. Check it out!

Taco Boy, 106 East Ashley Avenue, Folly Beach, S.C.

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