Meet the Foodies


Hi, we’re North Carolina natives Matthew and Molly (aka M&M). We both love food – from cooking to baking to trying new tastes at restaurants we visit while on our travels.

Once we got hitched, we decided to create a food blog together to share our love of food with our family and friends. We post easy recipes — things we’ve tried, things we’ve made up, things inspired by other recipes — and great restaurant food we eat while traveling.

So. Look no further for easy, unique, sometimes delightfully-Southern recipes and delicious places you ought to hang your hat in and sit down to eat for a while.

This space is not reserved for our critique of the good and bad we discover in recipes and restaurants. In fact, you won’t see anything on this site that we did not thoroughly enjoy ourselves. When we have a #FoodieScore experience so good we can’t stop talking about it for some reason, it finds its way here for others to discover and explore as well. Then, it’s up to you to determine if you want to try it.

Here’s a look at our history of lovin’ food. 🙂

Matthew’s food lovin’ history: The cheeseburger has been a constant in my life as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest memories are of Friday afternoon visits with Mom and Dad to Kim’s Kitchen, a western North Carolina diner that serves what is still the best burger I’ve ever eaten. (It’s all about the bun to meat to condiment ratio and the freshness of all those ingredients!) As I reached an age to safely operate a stovetop and eventually moved out on my own after college, I built a reputation among family and friends for making my own burgers and enjoying tasty treats, both savory and sweet, made by others. By 2012, I started using the phrase “foodie score” to describe delicious culinary experiences, and that’s when #FoodieScore was born on social media.

Molly’s food lovin’ history: Since the age of at least 11, I’ve been baking pies for my family and friends. It started out when I realized pies are easier to make than other baked goods, and it developed over time into a passion for making any and every kind of pie. A few of my favorites are: German chocolate, lemon meringue, key lime, brown sugar, blueberry, egg custard and pecan. These days, I love making any dessert, from homemade poptarts to lemon cream cheese bundt cakes to hundreds of cupcakes at a time for events!

Put us on the list for any great recipe or restaurant! (Pictured: M&M on the waiting list at Litton’s Market, Restaurant & Bakery in Knoxville, Tennessee

In general, we both love food, and we both love sharing.

Find us on Twitter: @MatthewTessnear & @MollyATessnear

Find us on Instagram: @MatthewTessnear & @MollyATessnear

Got something you’d like us to try? A fancy sandwich suggestion? Let us know in the comments or on the #FoodieScore social media pages:

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  1. My family opened an Italian restaurant in Winston-Salem approx. 11 months ago, and we would love to have you as our guest to review us for your blog! In the time we have been open, we have risen to #12 overall in Winston on Tripadvisor, so you know we are not a fly-by-night operation. We are a locally owned small business who believes in giving back to the community and making the already thriving food community here even more diverse with a little NY Italian flavor! We are located at Summit Station Plaza on Jonestown Rd, we really hope you come check us out!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi, Nick! Thank you so much for commenting and extending the invitation. Next time we’re in Winston-Salem we will definitely come by and give you guys a try! We checked out your menu online, and everything looks fantastic. We especially like the unique Italian brunch items. Looking forward to an authentic Italian #FoodieScore!


  3. The Bright-StarDrive In Grill in Mt Holly NC- a hidden gem to many. I discovered its existance only after I had already been living in Gaston County for over 17 years. The original owner passed away a few years ago, though his sons are operating it now. Located at 205 Madora Street.


    • Thanks so much for reading, Lisa! And thank you for the wonderful idea. I visited Bright Star back when I was in high school at East Gaston, but I haven’t been since. I’ll have to revisit for #FoodieScore! – Matthew


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