Quick and Easy Vegetarian Tacos


What’s a good vegetarian meal?

That may be the most difficult common food question for us to answer. Although we cook and eat a range of foods, we do enjoy meat and often include it in our meals, both made in house and when dining out. Molly has at times considered a vegetarian-oriented diet for its health benefits. And while we often enjoy a vegetable-dominant meal, most of the time at least one dish includes chicken, beef or pork.

We recently made these Pineapple and Black Bean Tacos from a similar recipe I saw in one of my mom’s magazines. They’re exceptional, both in intense flavor and as a departure from our normal penchant for meat. And since we make Mexican food at least once a week, we already had the ingredients in our kitchen.

These tacos will certainly become a go-to recommendation for an easy, affordable recipe for vegetarian eaters. And if you’re a strict vegetarian—preferring no animal products whatsoever—just change the contents a bit to exclude ingredients like the optional sour cream. Like most of the recipes we share, you have the creative freedom to modify many parts of the recipe to meet your needs. So go all out and enjoy! We anticipate you’ll be both full and fulfilled!

Pineapple and Black Bean Tacos


1 can black beans, rinsed

1 Tablespoon seeded and finely chopped chipotles in adobo (small can found in many grocery stores on the international foods aisle…We get ours at Aldi.)

1/4 small pineapple, cored and cut into thin pieces (you can also use canned chunks or slices)

1 small red onion, thinly sliced

8 small tortillas (corn, flour or our homemade tortillas, your choice!)

fresh cilantro (for serving)

sour cream (for serving)


1. Heat oven to 425 degrees or outdoor grill to medium-high.

2. Tear off four squares of foil and arrange on two baking sheets.

3. Rinse your black beans. You don’t want too much liquid.

4. Toss together the beans, seeded chipotles, pineapple and onion in a bowl.

5. Divide the mixture among the four squares of foil.

6. Fold each piece of foil into an enclosed packet.

7. Roast or grill (covered) for 15 minutes.

(PRO TIP: Heat your tortillas in a damp paper towel in the microwave to freshen them up. This works especially well for corn tortillas, which can quickly become more stale than desired.)

8. Carefully open your foil.

9. Spoon 1/2 the mixture in each packet onto a tortilla.

10. Top with cilantro and sour cream to taste before serving.

(BONUS PRO TIP: We recently purchased a taco stand for easy assembly and holding of our tacos. We love it and highly recommend a similar device to keep tacos from falling apart all over your plate. We just supplement with a “splash” plate for spillage for each taco eater.)

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Molly’s Homemade Flour Tortillas


A great tortilla is the cornerstone of a great taco, burrito, enchilada or torta. There’s nothing wrong with the tortillas you purchase in a bag in the grocery store. In fact, you can even freshen those pre-made tortillas by wrapping them in a damp paper towel in your microwave. But tortillas can be even better if you make them from scratch at home.

I’ve always enjoyed a soft taco, dating back to my first cooking experiences as a teenager, when I’d make myself basic stovetop fajitas in flour tortillas at home. So when I learned several years ago that my wife-to-be Molly made homemade tortillas, I was quite excited. When I saw how inexpensive the ingredients are, well, I was even more excited.

These tortillas often cook up a little thicker than what you might buy off the store shelves. So they might even remind you a bit of pita bread, which to me just means they serve extra purpose. I believe your product is the result of the kind of tortilla flour you use and the method by which you flatten them for cooking. However you do it, I guarantee you they’ll become the basis for special taco nights in your house, as they have in ours.

For Molly’s Homemade Flour Tortillas you’ll need:

2 cups tortilla flour

2/3 cup water

Put the tortilla flour in a large bowl. Slowly add the water, mixing in with your hands until fully incorporated. Form into a large ball until all the flour is absorbed. Cover the bowl with a damp kitchen towel and let the dough rise for 5 minutes.

Tear off and form small balls, slightly bigger than the size of a golf ball, and place them on a floured surface. You should end up with about 9 dough balls. Take each ball and roll them out with a rolling pin to about an eighth of an inch thick.

Heat a cast iron skillet to medium and cook each tortilla until lightly toasted on each side. Watch them carefully. You may want to use a fork or other utensil to flip the tortillas since they will be hot. And you may need to flip each tortilla a few times to get it just right. Practice makes perfect!

You can stack them on a plate or place them in a tortilla warmer until ready to use. It’s as simple as that!

Flavor-Bursting Mexican Burgers


My wife Molly and I love burgers, and we love Mexican food. This recipe is all about putting those two together.

Several years ago, before we got married and I learned Molly made delicious homemade tortillas, I cooked up a batch of tortilla-wrapped burgers with taco-seasoned beef, using store-bought flour tortillas. Recently, while browsing a burger cookbook in our library I thought, “Why not make a better Mexican-flavored burger with Molly’s homemade tortillas?”

Last year, we learned from a Rick Bayless cookbook how to make Huevos Rancheros, which include a mega-flavorful tomatillo sauce and queso fresco, two ingredients that add the perfect kick and cool to our Mexican burgers, too.

So, it’s as simple as that: homemade tortilla, seasoned beef, tomatillo sauce and queso fresco. We were blown away by the burst of flavor in every bite. First, you get the taste of seasoned beef and the soft heartiness of the tortillas, which serve as your bun. Then you get the fresh spiciness of the tomatillo sauce. Finally, the queso cools you off to close.

You can pick this burger up, but we’ll warn you that it is very messy. You can also eat it with knife and fork as an open-faced sandwich. Here’s how you make it, piece by piece, to serve four people. It will probably take you 60 to 90 minutes in the kitchen to prepare, but we guarantee you it will be worth it. Just crumble your desired amount of queso fresco, assemble the parts at the end of the process and enjoy!




2 cups tortilla flour

2/3 cup water

Directions: Put the tortilla flour in a large bowl. Slowly add the water, mixing in with your hands until fully incorporated. Form into a large ball until all the flour is absorbed. If the dough ball is too sticky, sprinkle a little more flour in and mix in. Tear off and form small balls (slightly bigger than the size of a golf ball; you should end up with about 9) and sit them on a floured surface. Take each ball and flatten between a lightly-floured burger press. Heat a cast iron skillet to medium heat and cook each tortilla until lightly toasted on each side. (Watch carefully. Tip: You may want to use a fork or other utensil to flip the tortilla over since it will be hot.) You may need to flip the tortilla a few times to get it just right. Practice makes perfect! Stack on a plate until ready to use.



Seasoned Beef

1 pound fresh ground beef

1 T chili powder

¼ t garlic powder

¼ t onion powder

¼ t crushed red pepper flakes

¼ t dried oregano

½ t paprika

1 ½ t ground cumin

1 t salt

1 t black pepper

Directions: Mix your spices together thoroughly in a small bowl. Tear apart your ground beef in a medium bowl. Pour your spices over your beef and then blend together thoroughly with your hands. Divide evenly into four parts, and roll each into a ball. Smash with your hands or a burger press and form into patties. You can cook on a stovetop, but we like to cook on foil on a pan in the oven. Heat to 375 and cook until done, about 20 minutes. We’ve found that cooking burgers in the oven produces done, tender, juicy meat, while the excess grease pours off.



Tomatillo Sauce

5 tomatillos

2 small garlic cloves

1 ½ tablespoons olive oil

1 ½ tablespoons heavy cream

1 cup chicken broth

1 jalapeno

½ cup chopped cilantro

½ teaspoon salt

Directions: Use a food processor, if you have one, or chop your garlic, jalapeno, cilantro and tomatillos. Heat oil in a medium saucepan. Add chopped ingredients and cook on medium-high for 7 minutes until sauce thickens. Add chicken broth and simmer over medium heat for about 10 minutes. Stir in heavy cream. Taste and season with salt.



Bonus Side Dish: Fiesta Fried Potatoes

4 or 5 small to medium potatoes

1 small garlic clove

1 tablespoon butter (for browning)

½ lime for fresh juice

pinch fresh cilantro

pinch salt to taste

Directions: Dice your potatoes and preheat them by cooking them in a microwave-safe bowl for 5 or so minutes. Add potatoes to a saucepan with butter, garlic, cilantro and salt. Stir from time to time, but don’t overstir to allow to brown. Cut lime and squeeze over potatoes to coat with juice. When potatoes are soft inside and slightly brown outside, they’re done. Serve up beside your Mexican burger!