Our Hometown: Kings Mountain

We are proud to call Kings Mountain, North Carolina, “the historical city,” home.

Kings Mountain is named for both the nearby geological feature and the American Revolution battle fought nearby. And it is home to some great food!

We took a poll of local diners to see which restaurants they like best. Here’s what they said:

We enjoy all of those restaurants and more! Here are some of our specific recommendations for eating in Kings Mountain.

Prosciutto on a fresh slice at Terra Mia

BEST DEAL IN TOWN? Terra Mia in downtown offers two HUGE slices of pizza and a drink for $9.99 all day. That’s just the beginning of the incredible menu of pizzas, pastas, salads, desserts and more at this Italian spot.

Shrimp & Grits at 133 West

A NICE MEAL: Looking for a place to dress up and get “a nice meal?” Start by looking at the offerings at 238 Cherokee Grill and 133 West in downtown.

Onion Rings at Weiner Works

CHEAP EATS: Check out Weiner Works on the west side of town for hot dogs, hamburgers, fries and some of the crunchiest onion rings we’ve had anywhere. Don’t have much money but need to fill up? This is the place to go.

Cherry Lemon Sundrop at Blackwood’s

DRIVE-IN: Visit Blackwood’s about a mile from Exit 8 on Interstate 85. We recommend a Lotta Burger (a patty on each half of a sub roll with whichever toppings you want) and a homemade Cherry Lemon Sundrop. We’ve had as many as 24 cherries in the bottom of the Sun Drop. Seriously!

S’mores on a Waffle Cone at Scoop

SWEET TREATS: It hasn’t been open long, but ice cream shop Scoop in downtown serves up some incredible flavors on cones, in milkshakes and via other specialties. We’ve been thoroughly impressed. NOTE: We bake a LOT in our own kitchen, but we’ve yet to discover a great brick-and-mortar business for baked goods in town. Sweet House Bakery used to operate in Kings Mountain, but the shop moved to nearby Shelby a few years ago.

Frappe at Big Red’s

A CUP OF COFFEE: Big Red’s near the US 74 and I-85 interchange serves up a great menu of hot brews, specialty frappes and other drinks, in addition to mini donuts and even brunch and lunch food.

BREAKFAST: On the north side of town, Chat-N-Nibble offers that local-spot feel and full menu of traditional favorites that you’re probably looking for.

Auntie Seng’s Shrimp Pad Thai

INTERNATIONAL CUISINE: Kings Mountain is fortunate to have two Thai restaurants and several other eateries that offer more than standard American food. Auntie Seng’s shop at Gold Street and York Road is one of our favorites. In addition to hibachi and other familiar dishes, we LOVE the Shrimp Pad Thai!

Look for more information on eating in our hometown here soon. We’re always visiting different restaurants and discovering new #FoodieScore favorites!

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