Foodie Travels: Mayworth’s Public House, Cramerton, N.C.

Sloppy Joseph

Mayworth’s Public House has become one of our favorite restaurants the past few years. It perfectly fits the definition of “nice casual” dining—and that makes it a delightful spot for us to enjoy a nice meal without emptying our pockets.

The menu at Mayworth’s offers one of the most unique selections anywhere. My wife Molly and I always have such a difficult time choosing what we want to eat! (And that’s a great problem to have!) Among the excellent plates we’ve enjoyed:

Fried Chez

  • We aren’t regular appetizer orderers at restaurants, but sometimes an intriguing dish catches our eye and we give it a whirl. That’s the case with Mayworth’s Fried Chez, a handful of crispy egg roll-style pickups filled with housemade macaroni and cheese, served with sweet Thai chili and Ranch sauces. Magnifique!
  • The burgers here are solid, and you can choose from several different styles that offer a variety of toppings. From our experiences, the beef is always flavorful, the buns are soft but hearty, and the accompaniments from light and creamy avocado to generous and filling bacon are always fresh.


  • It seems there’s always a plethora of taco options, particularly for a non-Mexican restaurant, and that makes Molly quite happy. You can get anything from more traditional-style tacos to one of Molly’s recent favorites, light and fresh fish tacos. All come with cooling cheeses, sauces with pop and veggies, each at your choosing.

Fish Tacos

  • You might not think of ordering a sloppy Joe sandwich at a restaurant. After all, that’s something you make simple with a can of sauce, some ground beef and some cheap buns on a weeknight in the winter, right? Wrong! Mayworth’s serves a Sloppy Joseph plate (picture atop this post) that is a mouth-watering game-changer for this foodie! The beefy sauce is a mix of savory and slightly sweet, and the Brioche-style bun houses it all perfectly. We recommend you get it with a generous side of crispy waffle fries, which I actually prefer to Chick-Fil-A’s, which I find are usually more soft and soggy. Seriously.
  • Want something a little more than a sandwich or taco? Mayworth’s also offers some heftier dinner plates. Our favorite is the Shrimp & Grits, one of Molly’s top choices when it’s available at any restaurant that serves it up well.


  • If you’re not too full after your appetizer and main course, consider some dessert. Mayworth’s has become our favorite place to get a slice of cheesecake. We prefer it to driving farther from home all the way to Charlotte to the Cheesecake Factory. (Traffic, Crowds, Pomp, Circumstance…Yikes!) The cheesecake isn’t made in house. It’s actually crafted in Charlotte at a partnering bakehouse and brought to the Cramerton restaurant. Each slice is only a little more than 5 bucks and is enough to share with your date, or your family if you’ve eaten a big meal.


All of those are just our favorites! The menu offers so much more!

There’s even a sizable bar with a host of beverage options if you’re looking for a good place to kick back and celebrate with a drink, though we can’t recommend that from experience. Several televisions line one of the walls on the bar side, and several sporting events are on every time we’re in the restaurant, so it’s a great place to watch the big game, too!

Mayworth’s also offers a dining club, with offers sent each month to your email. That’s something we haven’t seen often at one-of-a-kind local restaurants. And faithful readers of #FoodieScore know we love opportunities to save money, so we value the discount opportunities greatly!

Mayworth’s Public House perfectly fits the definition of ‘nice casual’ dining—and that makes it a delightful spot for us to enjoy a nice meal without emptying our pockets.

Cramerton’s a neat little small community—previously one of Gaston County, NC’s many textile mill towns—that’s sandwiched among larger cities of Gastonia, Belmont and Charlotte.

Just down the hill from Mayworth’s is Goat Island park, a great place to take a walk to let your meal settle and get outside in nature.

And if it’s the holiday season when you’re eating at Mayworth’s, considering driving just a couple miles down the road to McAdenville, better known nationally as “Christmastown USA,” a place to take in a beautiful communitywide light display. You can drive through (though, beware the traffic, especially at peak hours), or you can park somewhere in town and walk around.


Mayworth’s itself is worth a visit to Cramerton. And if you go, tell ‘em #FoodieScore sent you with high recommendations!

Mayworth’s Public House, 115 Center Street, Cramerton, N.C.

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