Broccoli Salad

If you’re looking for a fresh way to eat broccoli, check this one out.

Bacon, cheese and Duke’s mayo add flavor and life to raw broccoli in a delightful way that might get even the pickiest of diners to eat their greens! And this is one of those easy recipes you can make ahead and stash in the fridge for later. It will only get better as it chills and the flavors blend!

Broccoli Salad

What You Need:

2 crowns fresh raw broccoli, florets cut from stalks

1/2 pound bacon, cooked and crumbled (or pre-packaged bacon bits)

1/3 medium sweet onion (such as Vidalia)

1 cup cheese (most prefer cheddar)

1 cup mayo (we prefer Duke’s)

What You Do:

1. Cook, cool and crumble your bacon. Sit it to the side.

2. Use kitchen shears (scissors) to remove broccoli florets from stalks. (It can be a cleaner process than cutting with a knife and sending pieces flying everywhere!) Then cut broccoli into smaller pieces using your shears.

3. Dice about a third of a medium onion. (Half is fine, but I don’t like salads too onion-y.)

4. Combine onion, bacon and cheese into broccoli.

5. Add mayo and mix well.

(You can also add from half a cup to a cup of dried cranberries if you like a sweet touch!)

That’s it! Like we said, this one is better if it has time to chill. Like casseroles on the second day, the flavors just combine even better the longer it sits.

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